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Uses & Tips

X-14® is The Bathroom Expert® – and we have lots of tips and tricks to share. Whether you’re looking for better ways to deep-clean or just some hints to make quick touch-up cleaning easier, X-14 has got you covered.

Deep Cleaning Uses & Tips

Your Toilet and You
Speaking of things no one really likes to clean... now X-14 can help keep your toilet fresh and sanitary between regular cleanings. Our tip for keeping things sparkling is to add an X-14 Automatic Bowl Cleaner (with or without Bleach) or Blue plus Fragrance into the tank of your toilet - and let it do the work for you by eliminating odors and freshening with every flush.

Having people over? Try Blue Plus Fragrance - this new special formula leaves a fresh fragrance throughout the bathroom for the ultimate good guest experience.

Quick Clean Made Easy

Head over heels effective
X-14 Quick Clean products are designed for easy, effective touch-ups.

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