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Bathroom Cleaner

Same great product as X-14® Oxy Citrus Bathroom Cleaner, now with a new look!

Formulated for tougher bathroom cleaning jobs, X-14 Bathroom Cleaner removes soap scum, leaves a brilliant shine, and was found to be TWICE AS EFFECTIVE as the leading bathroom cleaners in an independent laboratory study*. With its fresh citrus fragrance, it works great on a variety of hard surfaces including tile, porcelain, glass, chrome, fiberglass and more.

  • Removes tough soap scum
  • Beats leading competitors
  • Cleans tile, porcelain, and more
  • Fresh citrus fragrance

*Independent laboratory studies, Shuster Labs - January 2006

X-14 Bathroom Cleaner is no longer in production. However, you can still find it at select retail stores until supplies last. Please use our Product Locator tool to see if there are any available at a store near you.

Bathroom Cleaner UPC #0417370264013



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